Our Competence


    0013WEBCHT was founded in the 1950s by Reinhold Beitlich in Tübingen Germany, and has grown to a globally active group consisting of 22 companies, active in more than 100 countries.

    We are a leading producer of textile auxiliaries, represented in all important markets worlwide. Our products can be directly purchased in all relevant local markets. Efficient production procedures, modern production plants and multistage testing systems assure our high quality standard.

    CHT Group fabricates products for the whole textile chain applied in the fields of fibre production, pretreatment, dyeing, finishing and coating. Textile dyes belong to our complete offer. They are finished and distributed worldwide under the branch name of BEZEMA by our affiliate with the same name.

    We committedly apply our comprehensive know-how in all textile processing fields including textile care. This allows us to specifically optimise products and procedures so that a washing treatment adequate to the demands of the textile can be obtained.

    As textile experts we create comprehensive solutions for complex issues and provide our customers with  high quality goods & services from our own warehouses.

  • Competence in DOSAGE TECHNIQUE

    0005The SMARTEC dosage technique is adjusted at best to the SMARTEC single component system. It allows a maximal flexibility for the creation of washing procedures and can be connected to most varied machine types. The SMARTEC dosage technique needs very little space. Exact dosage and high reliability lead to quality and economy.
    Most recent technical components, perfected design, high quality manufacture, chemical and process technical knowledge transferred to practice assure a low-maintenance operation and gives convincing washing results. The installation of our dosing technique is rapid and is simple. The compact main unit is delivered as a ready-made component part. After connection of energy, water and compressed air the unit is then ready for use.

    The handling of the system with a touch screen is simple. Dosing processes and profiles are shown graphically on a clear layout display.
  • Flexible, Efficient, Close to the customer

    CHT WASH SOLUTIONS include comprehensive service already starting in the planning phase. Experienced laundry experts receive your problem, give you competent advise at your site. The process orientated solution proposals are based on our large chemical and textile knowledge. Our laboratories equipped with the most modern techniques support the analysis for individual system solutions. The setting up and running in of the SMARTEC dosage technique will be accompanied by highly qualified staff members, so that the unit can be used rapidly and safely.

    Regular maintenance is considered as matter of course. The control of the dosage plant with connection to internal networks also allows the transfer of disturbances via e-mail or SMS. To solve the problems we offer a remote maintenance. Training provides an easy access to the operation.

    For the handling of daily problems we support our customers in individual counselling interviews and with laboratory studies as well as efficient environmental and analytical techniques.